Jesus Will Come Like a Thief in the Night: How Will This Prophecy Come True?

Exactly how will the Lord come?

I remembered that our pastor often said, “The Lord will come soon, so we should wait watchfully. When the Lord comes, He will descend on a cloud to take us into the kingdom of heaven.” At that time, most of my brothers and sisters approved of his words. However, I felt puzzled about his view that the Lord Jesus will descend on clouds, for I saw these words of the Lord Jesus in the Bible: “Behold, I come as a thief” (Revelation 16:15). “If therefore you shall not watch, I will come on you as a thief, and you shall not know what hour I will come on you” (Revelation 3:3). The Lord Jesus’ words clearly told us that He would come like a thief. That is to say, people are completely unaware. However, won’t everybody see Him if He returns descending on the clouds? What is that really about? This question was always a puzzle to me.

I came across a sister who spreads the gospel.

One day in April 2018, I ran into Sister Zhang when shopping. Like old school friends we clicked and started chatting. After that, whenever we were free, we would fellowship our own spiritual experiences. One time, Sister Zhang invited me to attend a Bible study meeting, and then I was acquainted with several sisters and brothers there. One of the brothers surnamed Chen had light in his fellowship. He integrated some of the prophecies in the Bible to fellowship with us on some truths, such as the differences between “being saved” and “attaining full salvation,” the mystery of God’s six-thousand-year management plan, and how to discern the voice of the Lord. His words helped me understand some prophecies in the Bible and know the Lord more practically. At that time, an idea occurred to me, “Is Brother Chen from The Church of Almighty God?” In the past, I often heard the pastors say that the way of Eastern Lightning was so good that many people were attracted by it, and they also asked us not to listen to sermons with our guards down. With these thoughts in mind, I became somewhat worried, so I prayed to the Lord in my heart, “O Lord! Please protect my heart, and help me tell right from wrong.” After praying, I carefully recalled several recent meetings with Brother Chen and found there was nothing wrong. What Brother Chen fellowshiped accorded with the Bible, which helped me understand more about the work of God and His will, and benefited my life. Thinking of all this, I didn’t feel that worried and believed that God would lead me to understand His will.

We discussed the manners of the Lord’s return.

In the meeting, we talked about the Lord’s return. Brother Chen spoke of the present situation of the world: The disasters are getting worse and worse and wars and earthquakes frequently occur, which exactly fulfill the prophecies in the Bible regarding the Lord’s return. And then he fellowshiped about how God asked us to be clever virgins who keep watching and waiting for His second coming, and not to be foolish virgins who are eliminated by Him. Hearing this, I couldn’t help but become nervous, feeling that the Lord would come soon. At this time, Brother Chen asked us, “So, how will the Lord come in the last days? Just share your opinions.” As soon as his voice subsided, I immediately answered, “He will come as a thief.” However, Sister Li said, “He will descend on the clouds.” After hearing her words, I began to wonder, “The Bible clearly says the Lord will come like a thief, so why did Sister Li say the Lord will descend on the clouds? And our pastors also said so.”

The Lord really has come back.

After getting home, I could not wait to read the book. I saw that the Preface says, “To study such a thing is not difficult, but requires each of us to know this truth: He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the substance of God, and He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the expression of God. Since God becomes flesh, He shall bring forth the work He must do, and since God becomes flesh, He shall express what He is, and shall be able to bring the truth to man, bestow life upon man, and show man the way. Flesh that does not contain the substance of God is surely not the incarnate God; of this there is no doubt. To investigate whether it is God’s incarnate flesh, man must determine this from the disposition He expresses and the words He speaks. Which is to say, whether or not it is God’s incarnate flesh, and whether or not it is the true way, must be judged from His substance. And so, in determining whether it is the flesh of God incarnate, the key is to pay attention to His substance (His work, His words, His disposition, and many more), rather than external appearance.” After reading these words, I felt the words were out of the ordinary and couldn’t be spoken by an ordinary person. Meanwhile, I understood that if we want to know the incarnate God, we should know Him from His words, not by His appearance. Christ is the embodiment of God’s Spirit, and His essence is that of God Himself. He is able to express the truth to supply man and reveal all the mysteries in the Bible. I remembered the Lord Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). Brother Chen accepted Almighty God’s work and his fellowshiping was so enlightening. This shows that there is the truth in the words of Almighty God. Could it be that Almighty God really is the returned Lord Jesus? Thinking of this, I felt excited, and couldn’t help praying to the Lord, “O Lord, if Almighty God is Your return, please lead me to recognize Your voice. I’m willing to be a clever virgin to welcome Your return.”

I have attended the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Thanks be to God! It was God’s guidance, enlightenment and leadership that allowed me to follow the Lamb’s footsteps. I recalled what the pastors said, “Don’t listen to the preaching of Eastern Lightning casually. As soon as you hear, you’ll be attracted.” Now, I finally understand what it is all about. The Lord is speaking to search for His sheep upon His return. All the words that Almighty God expresses are the truth, from which we recognized God’s voice. It exactly fulfills what the Lord Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27). Nowadays, I read God’s words every day. Under the feeding and nourishing of the living water of life, I’ve begun to understand some truths, and grow in life day by day. From now on, I will pursue the truth earnestly and perform my duty in return for the great love from God! All the glory be to Almighty God!



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Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus

Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus

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