Mark 11:24 — Receive What You Believe

Thoughts on Today’s Verse

In this verse Jesus Christ taught us to have faith in God. Regardless of hardships or setbacks, as long as we truly pray to and rely on God, God will surely fulfill our prayers according to His will. In the Bible, so many people saw lots of God’s wondrous deeds and bore resounding witness for God because of their true faith in God. Just as God’s words say, “When Moses struck the rock, and the water bestowed by Jehovah sprang forth, it was because of his faith. When David played the lyre in praise of Me, Jehovah — with his heart filled with joy — it was because of his faith. When Job lost his livestock that filled the mountains and untold masses of wealth, and his body became covered in sore boils, it was because of his faith. When he could hear the voice of Me, Jehovah, and see the glory of Me, Jehovah, it was because of his faith. That Peter could follow Jesus Christ, it was by his faith. That he could be nailed to the cross for My sake and give glorious testimony, it was also by his faith. When John saw the glorious image of the Son of man, it was by his faith. When he saw the vision of the last days, it was all the more by his faith. The reason why the so-called multitudes of the Gentile nations have obtained My revelation, and came to know that I have returned in the flesh to do My work among man, it is also because of their faith. All those who are smitten by My harsh words and who are saved — have they not done so because of their faith?”

From God’s words we see that it is very important to have true faith in God. Only if we have faith in God, do not use our imaginations and notions to treat the people, matters and things God sets for us, do not speculate about God but obey God’s sovereignty and arrangements with all our heart, can we receive God’s blessings, follow God to the very end, and stand testimony for Him rather than deny Him in trials and tribulations. However, in our daily life, when everything goes smoothly for us, we feel that we ourselves have great faith in God; when some tribulations and hardships come upon us, we feel negative and weak, and have no mind to cooperate with God. Even though we pray to God, we often lose faith in Him and even misunderstand whether we are abandoned by Him. This is because we do not understand what true faith in God is and we have too little faith in God. So how can we develop true faith in God during experiences? God’s words say, “No matter what kind of refinement you undergo in your experiences from God’s words, God requires mankind’s faith. This way, what is perfected are people’s faith and aspirations. When you cannot touch or see it, it is under these circumstances that your faith is required. People’s faith is required for when something cannot be seen by the naked eye, and your faith is required for when you cannot let go of your own notions. When you are not clear on God’s work, what is required is your faith and that you take a firm stance and stand witness. When Job reached this point, God appeared to him and spoke to him. That is, it is only from within your faith that you will be able to see God, and when you have faith God will perfect you. Without faith, He cannot do this. God will bestow upon you whatever you hope to gain. If you don’t have faith, you cannot be perfected and you will be unable to see God’s actions, much less see His omnipotence. When you have faith and you can touch His actions in your practical experience, God will appear to you, and He will enlighten and guide you from within. Without that faith, God will be unable to do that. If you have lost hope in God, how will you be able to experience Him? Therefore, only when you have faith and you do not harbor doubts toward God, only when you have true faith in Him no matter what He does will He enlighten and illuminate you in your experiences, and only then will you be able to see His actions. These things are all achieved through faith, and faith is only achieved through refinement — faith cannot develop in the absence of refinement. What does faith refer to? Faith is the genuine belief and the sincere heart that humans should possess when they cannot see or touch something, when God’s work is not in line with human notions, when it is beyond human reach. This is the faith that I speak of. ”

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