Psalm 119:37 — Overcoming Temptation

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

Why did David ask God to help him turn away his eyes from beholding vanity in his prayer? The whole world is under Satan’s control and is full of temptations of sins, such as worshiping evil spirits and idols, feast, passions and lusts … Satan uses these to tempt human to leave God and commit sins, which causes a gradual degeneration in people. In the end, we will be devoured by Satan.

Then, how can we do to turn away our eyes from beholding vanity?

Job is the right model for us. The Bible records that Job’s sons and daughters regularly feasted, but he was unwilling to offend God, instead he shunned evil, sent and sanctified them, and sacrificed burnt offerings for them. When temptations come upon us, we can avoid these evil things like Job lest we are tempted to commit sins.

But that’s not enough. This verse said we should live in God’s way. That means we should live by God’s words and it’s more important. Share a passage: “The truth that man needs to possess is found in the word of God, a truth that is the most beneficial and helpful to mankind. It is the tonic and sustenance that your body needs, something that helps man restore his normal humanity, a truth that man should be equipped with. The more you practice God’s word, the more quickly your life will blossom; the more you practice God’s word, the clearer the truth becomes. As you grow in stature, you will see things of the spiritual world more clearly, and you will be more powerful to triumph over Satan. Much of the truth that you don’t understand will be made clear when you practice the word of God.” God’s word is the truth and can be our life. When something happens, we see things and act according to God’s words. If we have the truth become our life, we can completely overcome Satan’s temptations.

From: Grow in Christ

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