Only When We Have Faith Can We See God’s Marvelous Deeds Amid Difficulties

true faith in God

In our real life, when difficulties in the work and life, the illnesses of the body, or various dangers and pains befall us, often times we don’t know how to face them and are always anxious and panicky, so that we neither see God’s deeds nor gain God’s guidance. Then how should we experience crises?

Let us recall the deeds of David recorded in the Bible.

When the Philistines fought against Israel, Saul and all of Israeli soldiers were terrified when facing the giant Goliath, could only let him hurl invective at and blaspheme against God but no one dare go forth against him. At that time, David was a shepherd boy but he worshiped Jehovah God and had faith in Him. So, facing the ridicule from Goliath, he relied on his faith in God to fight, and he only used a catapult to defeat Goliath in the end. It was due to his faith in God that he saw God’s deeds and power. Through the story of David, we can see that it is very important to experience crises with true faith in God.

Almighty God’s word says, “What does this word, ‘faith,’ refer to? Faith is the genuine belief and the sincere heart that humans should possess when they cannot see or touch something, when God’s work does not align with human notions, when it is beyond human reach. This is the faith that I speak of. People are in need of faith during times of hardship and refinement, and faith is something that is followed by refinement; refinement and faith cannot be separated. No matter how God works, and no matter your environment, you are able to pursue life and seek the truth, and seek knowledge of God’s work, and have an understanding of His actions, and you are able to act according to the truth. Doing so is what it is to have true faith, and doing so shows that you have not lost faith in God. You can only have true faith in God if you are able to persist in pursuing the truth through refinement, if you are able to truly love God and do not develop doubts about Him, if no matter what He does you still practice the truth to satisfy Him, and if you are able to seek in the depths for His will and be considerate of His will.”

Therefore, only when you have faith and you do not harbor doubts toward God, only when you have true faith in Him no matter what He does, will He enlighten and illuminate you through your experiences, and only then will you be able to see His actions. These things are all achieved through faith. Faith comes only through refinement, and in the absence of refinement, faith cannot develop.”

We can see from God’s words that no matter what kind of setbacks, tribulations, and hardships we encounter, we should believe that everything is in God’s hands. As long as we pray and rely on God, seek God’s will, have true obedience to God, and keep our faith in God, we will receive God’s guidance and see His marvelous deeds.

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