Can We Really Enter the Heavenly Kingdom Just by Being Saved Through Faith?

Now disasters are getting worse and worse and the signs of the Lord’s coming have also appeared. Many people who sincerely believe in the Lord yearn more urgently for the Lord to come and rapture them into the kingdom of heaven. So what kind of people can enter the kingdom of heaven? Some people say, “Since we believe in the Lord, we uphold the Lord’s name and keep the Lord’s way. We have already been saved through our faith in Him. Once we’re saved, we’re eternally saved. When the Lord arrives we will definitely be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.” But have we ever considered whether this view is in line with the Lord’s will? Did the Lord Jesus say such words? The fact is that we can’t find any words of the Lord such as this in the Bible. Then, what did the Lord Jesus say about the criteria for entering the kingdom of heaven? He plainly told us, “Not every one that said to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of My Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). “Be you holy; for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16). Based on these words, we can be sure that those who enter the heavenly kingdom must be free from the bondage of sin and be cleansed. They are the ones who do God’s will, obey God, love God, and revere Him. Because God is holy and those who enter the heavenly kingdom shall live together with Him, only when we have been cleansed can we be qualified to enter the heavenly kingdom! Then have we met the requirement of God?

After we accepted the Lord Jesus’ redemption, we often read the Bible, pray, give charity to others, help others, and repent and confess before God. Indeed, we have lots of changes in our behavior, such as not stealing things, not robbing, not getting into fights. However, when something comes along that touches upon money, fame or fortune, we can’t help ourselves from scheming against each other and vying with each other for profit; in our dealings with other people, we can often reveal arrogance and conceitedness, and we can disparage and belittle others; when calamities befall us, either natural or man-made, misunderstandings and blame about God can arise in our hearts, so much so that we even deny God and betray Him, and so on. God is holy, so those who just believe in the Lord with their hearts and pray to the Lord with mouths but often sin are unable to enter the heavenly kingdom. Then how can we be cleansed of our sins and enter God’s kingdom? Please click the link to read the article and you will find the answer.

Why Must We Get Rid of Sin Before Entry Into God’s Kingdom

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