Persecution of Belief: Who Tore My Happy Family Apart

The arrest from the CCP forced me to leave home.

One day at the end of December, 2013, the bitter wind was roaring outside with giant snowflakes falling from the murky sky. Before long, the pines and cypresses were clothed with a thick white coat.

My family being shattered, God’s love guided me.

Unconsciously, four years passed. In 2018, I needed to go to my hometown church to take care of something, and I wanted to take this opportunity to go home and see my husband and son. One morning in August, I woke up early and set out in Sister Wang’s car. Along the way, the thought of meeting my husband and son made me both nervous and excited. I thought: “It has been four years since I left home. How are my husband and son doing?” Meanwhile, I was worried about my safety, so I kept praying to God in my heart.



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Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus

Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus


Do you want to welcome the Lord Jesus? Do you want to be raptured before the disasters? Our website provides messages about the second coming of Christ.